Daniel Delaney


Video Series: VendrTV

What: Web Video Series about the best street food in the USA
Where: All Across the USA
When: 2009 - 2011

Why Street Food?

When I was in college in Philadelphia in the early 2000’s, street vending was rarely more than a curbside hot dog or cheesesteak. Vendors competed one on one, with largely the same fare cart to cart. To graduate art school, I decided to focus my thesis on how design could change the viability of a curbside entrepreneur. Simultaneously, I was inspired by folks like Ze Frank, RSS technology, and podcasting. I wanted to be in that club. I also felt that there was no reason that food programming on the web couldn’t match the quality of what we saw on TV. Of course, today it does. But in 2009, when I started making web videos, it was a far cry from what we’re seeing on YouTube today. So, I rallied a few buddies from college and childhood, and decided to create a show about the industry I now knew a ton about. The timing was good, because little did I know the street food scene was about to explode.


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