I've always been starting projects. Growing up I was the only 14 year old with dog walking subscriptions. College was at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. They let me break things, and let me fail. I learned a lot. 

After school I started two podcasts. One of them was about food trucks. The other was about cooking with weird ingredients. In between them I built email newsletters, tried my hand at selling goods online (magic tricks, actually, heh), and ran a supper club. 

But it was the podcasting that got me traveling and living in Texas and New Orleans where I soaked in the music, culture and a taste for the food. In 2012 I hauled a smoker up to NY, sold a huge amount of meat online, and started practicing cooking brisket with some friends. 

Soon after I opened my first restaurant. Folks liked it! Zagat put me on their 30 under 30 list, and I got a James Beard nomination. Awesome. 

And now in 2015 I'm about to open a second restaurant. This time it's about fried chicken!

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