Daniel Delaney

Hot Links

Retail Venture:
Delaney Hot Links

What: Developed ready-to-eat version of Delaney BBQ’s Award Winning Hot Links
When: 2016
Note: Never Brought to Market


The Background

In Delaney Barbecue’s second year in operation we quietly started working with the brilliant team at Vermont Packing House to reproduce an exact replica of the Texas-style Hot Link sausages we had been serving at our restaurant since it’s opening. After a number of iterations, we landed on a version that was not only delicious, but was in many ways superior to the links we had been making in our kitchen.

The Goal

Because these sausages were being made in a USDA facility, the requirements necessary to sell and distribute them to mass-market retailers were met. It was our goal to start to develop additional flavors, to launch them with a number of retail partners, as well as directly on our website. However due to the closure of our restaurant, that goal has not yet materialized.

The Design

The design for the packaging was created by Drew Heffron with photography by me. Our goal was to create vibrant packaging that would pop off of the shelves when displayed in the cold section of a retailer. It was the ultimate goal to package in cardboard with a belly band, however the packaging we landed on was the most viable for a small launch.

DBBQ Sausage 0817-01.jpg
DBBQ Sausage 0817-02.jpg