I'm a Brooklyn-based, 
food-focused entrepreneur.

In 2008, I started traveling the country to create videos about delicious street food, and the entrepreneurs behind each cart, truck, or shack. After hosting and producing this show, I turned my attention toward cooking, and in 2011 launched a daily educational web series about unfamiliar global foods.

Then, in 2012, after successfully running a BBQ super club, I got my hands on a massive smoker in Austin, TX. I hauled it to New York City, and used it to launch an underground brisket development event series called Brisketlab. This evolved into me opening my first restaurant, a Central-Texas style BBQ shop named Delaney Barbecue. Soon after I launched a second concept called Delaney Chicken, which sells mouth-watering fried chicken sandwiches, and which is still around today.