Daniel Delaney


The Bio

I’ve already worn a of hats in my life.

I grew up in the land of diners, and said ‘Whiz-wit’ throughout college before finally calling the city obsessed with pizza and bagels my home.

Once in New York, I started producing (and hosting) a web video series about the best food trucks in the states. That show, called VendrTV, content about food. The two shows I produced received numerous awards, was frequently one of the top shows on iTunes, and collectively the episodes have well over 20 million views across multiple platforms. Concurrent to producing those shows, I was also consulting for Squarespace, doing the end to end planning and execution of their activations at SXSW. 

Finally, after finishing my shows and that consulting work, I ventured into the word of actually making food. 

My first foray was to launch a BBQ popup series which I called Brisketlab. I hauled a massive BBQ smoker to NYC from Austin and set out to learn BBQ. By designing and launching my own version of Kickstarter (essentially), I was able to pre-sell over $90k of brisket to strangers on the internet in just 24 hours. That lead me into opening my first restaurant at age 24, which went on to earn me a James Beard Award nomination and placement on Zagat’s 30 under 30 list. One of the efforts I explored while operating that BBQ business was the development of a RTE line of Texas Style Sausages, which I developed with a USDA facility in Vermont. 

About two years into my BBQ business, I developed and launched a second restaurant brand. This was more of a quick service concept selling fried chicken sandwiches. I opened two locations - one in Midtown and the other in Downtown Brooklyn. They collectively were open for about three years and were highly efficient. And it was just about a year ago that I the last of my restaurant ventures down to pursue other areas of interest.

Currently, I’m mostly doing freelance work, helping restaurants across the country to build out catering departments, and use SEM, PPC, and other social marketing channels to grow revenue.

In all honestly, I frequently look at Good Food Jobs to find clients for my freelance work, which how I found you. I’m wasn't specifically looking for a position within a company. But I really think the branding is great. I’m actually a fan of cottage cheese (side note: it’s way better in Lasagna than Ricotta), and am looking to challenge myself while learning more about the RTE food space. 

So, I’m not totally sure what area if any I may fit in. I have a very diverse background, and I’m a really strong master generalist. If nothing else, perhaps we could kibitz on a phone call and see if there’s a match. Finally, I should mention that with the closing of my restaurants I decided it would be good to be a bit more mobile. I still have my apartment in Williamsburg, but I also got a second place in Mexico City. So I tend to split up my time between the two. #tacos

My website, http://danieldelaney.com, contains more info about the aforementioned projects and serves as a sort of resume / portfolio for me. I’m hoping to hear back from you, and am eager to learn more about how I could help!